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With a Classified Ad, Safelist or email ad, you make your presentation ONE time... and then that lead is lost forever. But with an autoresponder you can present your product in different ways as many times as you want, because your lead is added to your mailing list. Start building YOUR list... not mine, and not "theirs". Build YOUR list using Worldprofit!

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East Hampton, CT

Will Taylor
Published by: Bruce Taylor on 14-Apr-21
Real-World Marketing with LeadsLeap Part 15: Success Blueprint

Real-World Marketing with LeadsLeap

Better, Faster & Smarter Email Marketing - What To Do Now!

Now... it's time to tie everything together.

I believe that the majority of members just use LeadsLeap as an ordinary Traffic Exchange, or just another "advertising program".  I consider this to be a mistake, because if you actually USE the tools, LeadsLeap empowers you to create a world-class, first rate, professional grade online business that you can be proud of... and can substantially add to your income!

Here is what LeadsLeap founder, Kenneth Koh, suggests:

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your LeadsLeap Pro Membership.

1) Set up at least 5 Pro Ads

Even though we rotate the ads based on account, i.e. each member get the same amount of rotation, I consistently see that members with more ads get slightly more total traffic.

If you only have one website to promote, you can always set up ads with different title and text. They will appeal to different audience.

2) Set up your Credit Ads too

I know, you upgrade because you don't want to view ads. But if you view ads and earn credits, you can get extra traffic via your Credit Ads.

Credit Ads rotation is based on ads, not account. This means the more Credit Ads you have, the more exposure you get.

I've seen Pro Members with all 10 Credit Ads set up and the amount of traffic they receive from their Credit Ads is more than what they get from their Pro Ads.

3) Provide values in your ad

Money is an exchange of values. The more values you provide in your ad, the more conversion you are going to get.

4) Submit social reviews

Write a good social review by sharing your personal experience with a program.

The more personal experiences and insights you share, the higher your review score.

If your review get a score of 4/5 and above, your review will be featured in our member homepage and daily emails to our members. That's a lot of extra exposure for you.

5) Monetize from our PPC program

We share up to 30% of our earnings with Pro Members who send third party traffic. With that kind of sharing, it's not hard to recover the cost of your Pro Membership.

From the stats I'm seeing now, if you send about 400 third party traffic, you may cover your Pro Membership cost. Of course, the payout varies from time to time. It also depends on the quality of the traffic.

You can monetise from our PPC program by adding LeadsLeap Widget prominently on your website and using our Link Tracker for all your promotion outside LeadsLeap.

6) Build your own list and help your list to build theirs

Use SendSteed list manager to build your own list and create your own email series to build relationship with your list.

You can even allow your list to use your email series for their list, using 'Share Code'. This allows you to duplicate your effort and help your subscribers to succeed.

7) Bring in referrals

You should know this already. We share 50% referral commissions with you if your referrals upgrade. Just 2 upgrades will cover your subscription fee.


Here is what I, Will Taylor, suggest:

1) Set up your entire marketing system using the LeadsLeap Email Marketing Tools.

May I suggest that you use every single one of the LeadsLeap marketing tools!

  • Setup all 10 pro ads and all 10 credit ads.
  • Setup Track Links for every program that you promote.
  • Write the best review you are capable of, for each program that you promote.
  • Setup the Ad Bar for your Track Links.

Do you really want to more than double your business income?  This is how you can do it.  Take Action!

2) Make your advertising pay for itself.

Remember our discussion on "Funded Proposals"?  If you have only 2 upgraded referrals - or - if you have about 400 views on one or more of your pages that include the LeadsLeap PPC Ads, then that is paying your LeadsLeap subscription.

If you have more than 2 upgraded referrals, then LeadsLeap is actually paying YOU to use their system to build YOUR business!

Is there something you are not understanding about this?

That means that you are empowered to send YOUR ads to over 4,000 websites and blogs PLUS over 30,000 trackers that are shown in the most popular traffic exchanges, Paid To Click (PTC) programs, safelists, and forums.

And it's not just free - LeadsLeap is paying you to do this.

Once LeadsLeap is "paying it's own way", you can then shift your advertising budget to some other form of paid advertising.

Please keep in mind that you can use the LeadsLeap marketing system to promote the company, products and services of your choice.  The system is designed that you will inherently make referrals to LeadsLeap even while you are promoting something else!

3) Do, Teach & Promote!

I believe that the Key to Success in Online Marketing is to help others do what they already want to do!  How are we going to teach our colleagues how to implement professional email marketing, if we don't know how to do it ourselves?

Learn the system, teach your clients how to use the system, and we all win!

Remember, each person on your mailing list, and each or your followers, can promote whatever program they chooseLeadsLeap is a platform empowering your business with the email marketing tools required to succeed.

Once your system is set up, you basically just need to keep doing more of what you're already doing for your mailing list, your sales and your business to grow... becoming even more profitable.

4) Provide useful, interesting and valuable service to your colleagues.

One of the worst things you can do, is to keep hammering your list to "buy, buy BUY!"

Only about every fifth email should be a sales offer.  Yes... about 4 out of 5 emails should be something that helps your friends solve a problem, improve their lives, or grow their business

5) Do Something Every Day and Never Stop Promoting!

It's not what you do for a day, or a week, that matters so much as what you do consistently, every day over an extended period of time.  And by extended period of time, I mean pretty much the rest of your life - or until you no longer want to keep your business growing.

And finally... did I mention to:

   Sell to Your List, NOT To Your Ad   


This is the final letter in this series.  You can review all of the messages at my blog, and you can copy the messages using Share Code   GKWWfVw   .  Of course you would edit everything to suit your own purposes, and use the Find & Replace function to ensure that YOUR links are used.

I hope that you have found these letters to be helpful.  I wish you the best of luck (but don't rely on luck - make it happen!)

I would be delighted to get some feedback from you.  If you like, you can contact me at:

Yours sincerely,
Bruce W Taylor


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