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Will Taylor
Published by: Bruce Taylor on 15-Apr-21
Real-World Marketing With LeadsLeap Part 7: Using SEO in Your Social Reviews

Real-World Marketing with LeadsLeap

Here is a real-world method to get YOUR review on the FIRST page of Google!

Do you suppose you would make more sales if your program was on the first page of a Google search?

LeadsLeap can make that happen for you. Here's how:
If you enter "Review YOUR PROGRAM" in to google, you will very likely see the LeadsLeap review on the first page!  Try it!

For example, "Review Worldprofit", "Review TrafficWave" or even "Review LeadsLeap"!

Now, for you to take advantage of this feature, you need to write a good review. By "good review", I mean one that is well written, whether it is positive or negative.

What constitutes a "well written" review?  Here are some key points:

  • LeadsLeap evaluates reviews.  Pro Members’ Reviews with a score of 4 and above will be shown in the homepage of the Social Review directory as well as the Members Dashboard.
  • The more personal experiences you share (both good and bad), the better the score.
  • LeadsLeap rates reviews based on the insights they provide and how recently they are updated.  It is recommended to update your review at least every 2 months.
  • You can improve your score by adding more insights and experiences.
  • You might notice that many of the reviews, listed at the top, tend to be longer reviews.

In my experience this is probably the most powerful feature of LeadsLeap, yet it is ignored by a majority of members.

You can take advantage of this benefit, today! Here is what the LeadsLeap blog says:

"Start promoting your LeadsLeap Social Review link. I believe it will convert much better than all our other landing pages."

I present to you that it is well worth the time and effort to write some great reviews!

Please keep in mind that people are reading the review because they want some advice.  They want to know if this program is worth investing in, or not.  They want somebody that they trust (and that should be YOU, right?) to tell them what to expect, either good, or bad!  What do they have to do to make the program work?  How much money and time is required?  What are the challenges, and what are the results they can reasonably expect?  It would be best to include some facts and figures... perhaps even some results from your tracking, for example.

If you believe in your product - if you have confidence that you are telling the truth - then this is a good place to lay the deal out on the table.

This is an example of why it is essential to read the LeadsLeap blog and all of those little "question marks" on your dashboard - in order to reap all of the benefits that are available to you!

Now, you may have noticed that, in a way, your review is competing with all the other reviews for the same program. 

This is a "trade off", meaning there are good, and not-so-good points about this.  Your review is rotated, so you have a more or less equal opportunity to profit, but here are some tips & tricks to "work smart" and stack the odds in your favor. 

1. Invest the research and time to write an excellent review.

It is best to use short sentences and paragraphs. Make your review visually appealing.

I recommend that you take some time to read other people's reviews.  You're going to see, for yourself, some good techniques AND some practices that you probably want to avoid!

Remember, your review is an investment, and although you will want to update it periodically, it can pay you handsome returns for years!

2. Use good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to write your review.

This is a great example of the "80/20 rule", where you can get 80% of the benefit, with only 20% of the work.  Although people spend their entire career learning and applying SEO, there are a few relatively simple points that you want to understand.

Here's the deal.  LeadsLeap Reviews are indexed by the Search Engines.  That's a fancy way of saying that when somebody is looking for something, the Search Engines "know" what is out there and can help them find it.

How do Search Engines (like Google) "see" what's in your review, and whether it's worth looking at, or not?  The short answer is "keywords", but there's more to it than that.

It used to be that you could stuff multiple keywords into your articles and posts, but those days are long gone. If you try that, today, not only does it not help - you will actually get penalized for doing it!

Here are a few tips, for how to use SEO in Reviews, Articles & Posts:

  • Use "long-tailed keywords" and phrases, not single words. For example, instead of "CBD Oil", use "Where to buy CBD oil", "CBD Store near me",  "Healthiest Cooking Oil" etc.
  • Include your key phrases in the first paragraph, headings, titles, and (if you are using graphics) the image description.  Why? Because that's where the Search Engine will look!
  • You may wish to follow what I call the "325 Rule".

The 325 Rule suggests using your key phrases "Three to Five Times".
Use emphasized (e.g. key phrase, key phrase, key phrase) key phrases 3 to 5 times.
Include 3 to 5 graphics (if you can).  Get the idea?

Search Engines are a million times smarter than they used to be.  Now they use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).  Don't freak out.  This is just the scientific term to describe how Search Engines look at the context of your article or review.

For example, if you enter "apple" in a Search Engine, and the search engine sees, "best stocks to buy", "best stocks for January 2021" and "best performing stocks" in the article, then Google knows that you're not baking a pie, or buying an iphone - you are looking at buying shares of Apple stock!

Here's the point.  You don't need to get a PHD in Search Engine Optimization, but it is helpful to have a little bit of insight into how they work.

So... when you write your review, you may wish to include several (3 to 5?) key phrases that are related to the product and services that you are promoting.

A quick and easy way to get ideas for key phrases, is to type your keyword into the Google (or other search engine) search box, and look at the drop down menu.  This may indicate some related key phrases that people are actually actively searching.

Here are several links, for where you can get free key phrase ideas:

  • LSIGraph - This program also includes "Top Performing Content" which is a list of articles that are actually using the keyphrases.  This is a great resource, because by the time you look over all ten articles, you will get good ideas and probably know a lot more about the subject!
  • Ubersuggest - Created by Neil Patel, one of the great marketing gurus.
  • - "Keyword Tool Is The Best Alternative To Google Keyword Planner"
  • SemRush - As I mentioned, you do not have to have a Wordpress blog, but if you do, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin which happens to include Semrush.
  • Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Has Never Been Easier

By now, you probably know more about SEO than you even wanted to know.  You don't have to be an expert, but just remember this:

When you write your review, it would be a could idea to throw in some good key phrases.  It will probably improve your LeadsLeap rating, and make your review more visible to the Search Engines, and will assist you in your research.

Your review will, most likely, stand out from the competition!

There are dozens of companies that, for a price, will help you optimize your keywords and submit your sites and articles to the Search Engines.

You should be aware that if you submit an affiliate page, that is exactly the same as thousands of other affiliates, then the Search Engines will recognize that, and rank the page very low (i.e. they will ignore it, and if you show up at all, it will be on page 500).
Do you see why writing an original, freshly updated review (that can potentially show up on Google Page 1) is so valuable?

Remember the 80/20 Rule (20% of the employees do 80% of the work)?  Here's how to get 95% of the benefit of SEO by doing 5% of the work.

  1. Write the best, key-phrase optimized review that you can
  2. Submit the link to your review, using SEO Optimizer Pro

Finally, here is an article (from Worldprofit) that will quickly give you more insight into SEO than 99% of your competitors:

What Google Bots are looking for when ranking your site, and how knowing this gets you a competitive edge

Watch for the next letter, where we will discuss using Safelists to build your LeadsLeap Mailing List and followers.

Yours sincerely,
Bruce W Taylor


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